Quotation 1) "This morning brought fear that there hid somewhere on one of the back roads he intended to canvass another seizure, a bolt of lightning coiled behind a rock or stump or within the hollow of a tree or some strange nest and which his passing would trigger to spring, to explode, and to impale him."  This quote, stated by George but in reference to Howard's life, reveals Howard's hypochondriasis caused by his seizures that often leave him lying on the roads he would use to deliver goods in the midst of winter storms.  Howard does not tell his son, George, about his condition, causing George great distress as he slowly uncovers the truth.  This quote is one of the many times throughout the story in which Howard or George are in a situation where a medical condition either separates or connects George and Howard.  Howards seizures would bring them together, as George would try his best to help Howard, but are also the reason that George decides to escape from his family.

Quotation 2) "Another Incredible clock of which the author had the delight to hear is the clepsydra given by the king of Persia to Charlemagne in 1807." This quote is followed by Georges description of this clock, as well a few other clocks that he found interesting.  George explains how these clocks work in greater depth than any other person or thing in the book, showing his enjoyment and understanding of the clocks.  While his memories of the past tend to follow negative parts of his life, George is only ever calm and happy while he is remembering clocks, such as these.

This license plate fits George's personality due to his obsession with clocks.  While he is dying in his house, he notices that all the clocks in the room have wound down, and realizes that the clocks represent his body as it is shutting down.

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