Connor Torpy

Stephen Fry Article Response

               I found the claims made by Stephen Fry presented a unique point of view that brought up a few major points and questions in my head while I was reading his letter.  I do not necessarily agree with Stephen Fry’s statements that Putin’s actions are mimicking those in the Nazi regimes.  The laws do not clearly state all LGBT actions to be illegal, but they are open ended enough to potentially be used as a legal scapegoat for the prosecution of certain LGBT individuals and groups in the future. I do believe however that if the laws are enforced during the Olympics, the reputation of the Olympics being a time where the whole world can come together peacefully may no longer be true.  A full change in the location of the host city at this point in time would be near impossible. As so, the most likely result will be similar to what occurred at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, the last time in which Russia held the Olympics, in which nearly half of the countries that were going to participate boycotted the event entirely.  Every day that goes past without a country bringing up the option of boycotting the Olympics will only make it less likely that any national or worldwide rebellion will take place.

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